Tony Season is HERE!

While it was unfortunate to say goodbye to some of our previous productions represented on Broadway – it was exciting for us to turn around 17 new ones for this year’s season!

The drape shop has certainly been hopping – particularly with the energy and splash of Honeymoon in Vegas, Something Rotten!, It Shoulda Been You, On the Twentieth Century, Gigi, You Can’t Take It With You, and the two largest dance productions this season – On the Town and An American in Paris

And where some of the more intense moments arrived onstage, the shop never succumbed to the drama of meeting tight production schedules and fabrication of The Audience, Disgraced, The Elephant Man, Doctor Zhivago, Fun Home, The Last Ship, and The King and I.

You’ll find that this season’s stage drapery is as varied as the ceiling upholstery in It’s Only a Play to the specialty tablecloth in Finding Neverland.  We are always happy to cater to the needs of our creative friends in order to bring you the best performance possible.

We send our best wishes to the entire industry as they prepare for Tony nominations ( on April 28 and the Awards Ceremony on June 7.

We look forward to seeing you at the theater and should you not be in the immediate NYC area, look for us with new shows Bette Midler: Divine Intervention (in cooperation with Tait Towers), Burn the Floor (on Norwegian Cruise Lines), Frozen: Disney on Ice (in cooperation with Bungalow Scenic), and Stratford Shakespeare Festival (Ontario Canada).

tony collage

National News – Kings Theatre

This past Saturday NBC Nightly News did a story on the Kings Theatre Re-Opening. It was a brief story, but boy did it show the grandeur of the space. Find 2 minutes and 44 seconds to watch this clip, you will want to run out and buy tickets to see this space in person.

To read the full story on our work in this fantastic space please take a look at our Portfolio Page.

Another NYC High School is has a Functional Theatre!

Yesterday was just another load out from a New York City High School leaving the theatre with all new rigging, a new fire curtain, projection screen, main curtain and valance, stage masking and new track operated window curtains. The school was happy because in addition to looking great, the theatre was now functional and SAFE.



We always are happy to hear from our good friends at the Lincoln Center Theater and this time was no exception. Like many of us do, the LCT crew was spending lots of time in the theatre (specifically in the house and audience seating areas) during technical rehearsals & load-ins/load-outs. It is necessary to keep their house seats tidy and protected during times of heavy house traffic. Both parties were able to come up with an inexpensive solution to doing just that.

60” wide Mystique Satin is a lightweight and cost effective way to prevent damage to your seating. It is also durable and fire retardant. It comes in over 150 color options on 100 yard rolls which makes this inexpensive fabric a great option. This material is also good for Austrian Curtains and other decorative draperies where adding a large volume of fabric fullness is the visual key. It is also perfect for Kabuki Drops where a lightweight fluttering reveal may be required. iWeiss has fabricated many successful items for both these applications.

Another great quality of Mystique Satin is that its full rolls can ship via UPS since the roll dimensions are a mere 63” x 8” x 8” and weigh approximately 45lbs each.

Looking for a way to section off seating areas for a more intimate production, performance, or event?  Covering the seats for this purpose offers a nice visual appeal for your venue’s guests as well.

Seat Covers

Is your theatre or production company on a budget? Who’s isn’t, right?

The students over at Cardinal Mooney Catholic High School in Sarasota, FL were able to take a simple application developed from our creative Greek ancestors and fabricate it into something that still proves to be effective today. Their variation on the periaktoi.

If you are familiar with Legally Blonde The Musical then you are probably aware that it spans through many locations during the show’s two acts. For this reason coupled with the challenge of not having a fly space in their performance hall we were able to help them come up with a safe solution that stayed within their budget and involved the creativity of the students…a 4-sided traveling wood frame unit with painted muslin.

Each side of the traveling unit is 4’5”w x 10’0”h with some additional overage on the perimeter for wrapping around the frame – making the most of their purchased and inexpensive 118” wide NFR muslin and getting (2qty) cuts out of each width. (iWeiss Price $6.14/yd).

Apply Rosco Flamex to the surface or add Flamex PA to the paint mixture in order to make the panels in agreement with your venue’s fire regulations. Flamex comes in variety of container sizes and options for different surfaces. Then simply add casters to the bottom for easy travel.

It simply goes to show that one doesn’t need a Harvard degree for this Legally Blonde’s design!

Cardinal Mooney’s production performs in Sarasota, FL in March 2015.

Mooney Muslin Flats

A Christmas Poem by Russ Dusek

‘Twas the night before Christmas and I work for iWeiss

the shop has fallen silent, not a drill, not a vice.

My quotes are all tucked in the folder with care,

in the hopes that purchase orders soon will be there;

I just spoke with David and my proposals are signed;

Now on to the contracts, who knows what he’ll find.

Jo sent me tracking ’cause she just shipped my stuff.

With luck it will get there, I hope they don’t treat it too rough.

Then just when I think I have my jobs under control,

My email blows up so I sit down to scroll.

The installers need guidance and I think I have a chance

but the dogs are barking now and I’m taking Hannah to dance.

Rich won’t respond to texts or to calls,

so I’ll have to call Shannon but she’s already running 17 install.

Turns out I need Paul with his knowledge of control,

because the rigging won’t go up and after all, that is the goal. 

So I send him some pictures and he emails me some code,

we program the console and like that, we’re back on the road.

I touch base with Jen ’cause she always calms me down,

her words of wisdom, always practical, I feel less like a clown.

Now I have to tell Misha that I screwed up a size,

I mixed up the drape, not the height but length wise.

I pick up the phone and lay the problem out with zest.

But I can tell by her tone, Misha’s not impressed.

I check in with Chris on some drapes that he’s priced,

He’s made some assumptions, hopefully the client’s enticed

Nicole’s quoting pipe girds, to who I don’t know

But the question I have is, where do these all go?

Jaclyn’s here now and we’ve had some good talks

I hope she drinks the iWeiss cool-aid before she’s had it, and walks.

Oh Lauren, my Lauren, you and I, we relate.

Please share with us your wisdom before your due date

Van needs Chicago’s payroll or no one gets paid.

And if I mess it up again, she’ll be throwin’ me some shade.

Angie, oh Angie it’s been one of those days.

Let’s get these bids out and hope for some praise.

Alex is back! His new role is PM.

I’m having trouble with the rhyme… did you know that smoking causes phlegm?

Now back to my family.  It’s Christmas after all.

I need down time from worrying about things that might fall.

Starting the New Year, I’ve got more motivation than ever,

but right now I’m exhausted from trying to be clever.

So that’s iWeiss before Christmas as told by this guy.

If I said I didn’t love it, I’d be telling a lie.

by:  Russ Dusek (Dr. Dusek to us)