iWeiss Ingenuity

iWeiss has earned a reputation for devising creative solutions to unique requests.  Our recent crafting of a 16.4’ diameter ball with a smooth and removable front projection surface is a prime example.  The large sphere would be inflated and deflated during stops of a global music tour where themed graphics, changing with the music, would be projected onto the ball.


Trapeze fabric was selected because of its opaque matte surface and stretch capabilities.  As trying to pattern directly on the sphere would have been unwieldy, and to minimize the number of seams on the projection surface, a desk top “virtual” design determined the skin should be made in 5 vertical pieces.  Each was cut flat, the sides sewn together, and Voila! . . the 16’ inflatable balloon had a tight fitting dress.  The two photos below reveal in-house inflation testing of the ball and an actual performance projection onto the ball.


At iWeiss, sometimes we use theatrical solutions for non-theatrical situations.  And other times we just use good old fashioned ingenuity.