Shipping Tips

With the majority of our orders being “custom”, experience tells us the best way they should be packed and transported to ensure everything arrives in perfect condition.  A good example is powder coat pipe of various lengths . . . how it gets wrapped and how many times it will be handled will determine its condition when it arrives at your door.  iWeiss strongly recommends to our customers that you allow us to handle the shipping details.    

If the quoted shipping cost concerns you remember that, given the investment you made in the custom product, it usually doesn’t pay to scrimp on the shipping just to save a few bucks.  With the volume of product we ship, we know the right and most trusted and dependable carriers to get your order to you on time and in perfect condition.  Many times that will not happen when the cheapest method is chosen. 

 And once it arrives, always thoroughly check your order for accuracy and damage before the delivery driver leaves.  This goes a long way in simplifying, and speeding up, the claims process.