Celebrating 25 “Phantom” Years

January 27, 1988 – Opening Night – Phantom – The Beacon Theatre is transformed – the entire orchestra is platformed over into an elaborate party space and dance floor and at the back of the stage – Phantom of the Opera starring Lon Chaney is playing.  After a trip to London to study the show –the biggest drapery show in decades, we spend months building the show in quarter scale models and enjoy numerous afternoons and dinners with designer Maria Bjornson going over details.  An exciting premier and a box office success led to iWeiss building Phantom Los Angeles, National Tour 1, San Francisco, National Tour 2, Canadian Tour, Phantom Las Vegas and many repeats.  How wonderful, 25 years later, to still be making phantom drapes.  Got to work with Fred Gallo, Neil Mazzella, Joe Patria, Dana Kenn, Bobby Ferhribach, Tim Abel, Jake Bell, John Paull, Alan Wasser & Alan Williams, Cameron Macintosh – all still loyal friends 25 years later. The crew at the Majestic as well as all the road crews are all a great bunch of theatre folks.  So I look forward to Jan 26, 2013 – The Majestic Theatre – Broadway New York City, the 25th Anniversary of Phantom of the Opera – Who would have thought ……………David Rosenberg, President, iWeiss Theatrical Solutions


Visit http://www.iweiss.com/portfolio/phantom-of-the-opera-25th-anniversary.html to view a photomontage of our drapery work over the years.