A Christmas Poem by Russ Dusek

‘Twas the night before Christmas and I work for iWeiss

the shop has fallen silent, not a drill, not a vice.

My quotes are all tucked in the folder with care,

in the hopes that purchase orders soon will be there;

I just spoke with David and my proposals are signed;

Now on to the contracts, who knows what he’ll find.

Jo sent me tracking ’cause she just shipped my stuff.

With luck it will get there, I hope they don’t treat it too rough.

Then just when I think I have my jobs under control,

My email blows up so I sit down to scroll.

The installers need guidance and I think I have a chance

but the dogs are barking now and I’m taking Hannah to dance.

Rich won’t respond to texts or to calls,

so I’ll have to call Shannon but she’s already running 17 install.

Turns out I need Paul with his knowledge of control,

because the rigging won’t go up and after all, that is the goal. 

So I send him some pictures and he emails me some code,

we program the console and like that, we’re back on the road.

I touch base with Jen ’cause she always calms me down,

her words of wisdom, always practical, I feel less like a clown.

Now I have to tell Misha that I screwed up a size,

I mixed up the drape, not the height but length wise.

I pick up the phone and lay the problem out with zest.

But I can tell by her tone, Misha’s not impressed.

I check in with Chris on some drapes that he’s priced,

He’s made some assumptions, hopefully the client’s enticed

Nicole’s quoting pipe girds, to who I don’t know

But the question I have is, where do these all go?

Jaclyn’s here now and we’ve had some good talks

I hope she drinks the iWeiss cool-aid before she’s had it, and walks.

Oh Lauren, my Lauren, you and I, we relate.

Please share with us your wisdom before your due date

Van needs Chicago’s payroll or no one gets paid.

And if I mess it up again, she’ll be throwin’ me some shade.

Angie, oh Angie it’s been one of those days.

Let’s get these bids out and hope for some praise.

Alex is back! His new role is PM.

I’m having trouble with the rhyme… did you know that smoking causes phlegm?

Now back to my family.  It’s Christmas after all.

I need down time from worrying about things that might fall.

Starting the New Year, I’ve got more motivation than ever,

but right now I’m exhausted from trying to be clever.

So that’s iWeiss before Christmas as told by this guy.

If I said I didn’t love it, I’d be telling a lie.

by:  Russ Dusek (Dr. Dusek to us)