Is your theatre or production company on a budget? Who’s isn’t, right?

The students over at Cardinal Mooney Catholic High School in Sarasota, FL were able to take a simple application developed from our creative Greek ancestors and fabricate it into something that still proves to be effective today. Their variation on the periaktoi.

If you are familiar with Legally Blonde The Musical then you are probably aware that it spans through many locations during the show’s two acts. For this reason coupled with the challenge of not having a fly space in their performance hall we were able to help them come up with a safe solution that stayed within their budget and involved the creativity of the students…a 4-sided traveling wood frame unit with painted muslin.

Each side of the traveling unit is 4’5”w x 10’0”h with some additional overage on the perimeter for wrapping around the frame – making the most of their purchased and inexpensive 118” wide NFR muslin and getting (2qty) cuts out of each width. (iWeiss Price $6.14/yd).

Apply Rosco Flamex to the surface or add Flamex PA to the paint mixture in order to make the panels in agreement with your venue’s fire regulations. Flamex comes in variety of container sizes and options for different surfaces. Then simply add casters to the bottom for easy travel.

It simply goes to show that one doesn’t need a Harvard degree for this Legally Blonde’s design!

Cardinal Mooney’s production performs in Sarasota, FL in March 2015.

Mooney Muslin Flats