Two Award Winning Projects?

Yes, we got those.


State Theatre, Cleveland

The State Theatre in Cleveland Ohio was in need of a custom damask and a custom dyed velvet for all new wall upholstery panels.  We created the damask, secured just the right color velvet, and installed all of the panels in the lobby and auditorium during a renovation by Evergreene.  The end results even won an Interior Restoration Award from The Cleveland Restoration Society.  See more photos in our portfolio.

Photo Credit: Gus Chan, The Plain Dealer


Daryl Roth Theatre, NYC

We fabricated a custom steel lighting bracket for this award winning lighting design.  The light design by CBBLD a top the Daryl Roth Theatre won a 2016 Lumen Citation for Skillful Illumination of a Historical Facade.  See more photos in our portfolio.