Stage Lift Control Replacement

We recently completed a full replacement of the Stage Lift control system at the Blizzard Theatre at Elgin Community College in Elgin, IL.

The college did not have a fully functioning stage lift system so they put out for bid a replacement to an antiquated system without having to change out the entire pit lift.

Working with our ViaController and our system integration, we were able to put in an updated motor control cabinet and a wall mounted control panel that will easily allow the trained staff to operate this original system with a push of a button.

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Two Award Winning Projects?

Yes, we got those.


State Theatre, Cleveland

The State Theatre in Cleveland Ohio was in need of a custom damask and a custom dyed velvet for all new wall upholstery panels.  We created the damask, secured just the right color velvet, and installed all of the panels in the lobby and auditorium during a renovation by Evergreene.  The end results even won an Interior Restoration Award from The Cleveland Restoration Society.  See more photos in our portfolio.

Photo Credit: Gus Chan, The Plain Dealer


Daryl Roth Theatre, NYC

We fabricated a custom steel lighting bracket for this award winning lighting design.  The light design by CBBLD a top the Daryl Roth Theatre won a 2016 Lumen Citation for Skillful Illumination of a Historical Facade.  See more photos in our portfolio.


Arbor Day = RigSafe Day

Can you tell at a glance whether your stage equipment is in safe working condition?  Do you regularly maintain your equipment?  Are all your operators trained in the proper handling of the equipment?

Ensure safety, reduce your liability risk, and protect your investment by scheduling an annual stage rigging inspection. This is not only a smart preventive measure, but also an OSHA requirement in most states.  iWeiss will send an experienced professional to test and inspect your stage equipment including the fire curtain, and prepare a written evaluation. Hazardous conditions and equipment problems will be identified before they result in system failure or injury.

Get you rigging inspected and always #RigSafe.   Use our handy online inspection form and email it over to get a quote today.

Spring is Previewing!

We are always excited about Spring!  The weather is fine and the new shows are opening.
It is great to see so many of the exciting new shows on Broadway and Off-Broadway.


Get out and see a show today!  


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Raising the Dauntless

iWeiss has completed another Airplane Rigging project with Century Aviation of East Wenatchee WA.

Project ManagIMG_7106er Russ Dusek worked with Century Aviation owner Mark Smith on the planning and engineering for the rigging of restored Sikorsky HRS-2 and UH-34D helicopters, along with a WW II SBD Dauntless hung – overhead in a dive attitude -for the expansion of the National Marine Corps Museum in Virginia.

For the Dauntless the factory installed lift points were designed for hoisting the aircraft onto a ship so the challenge here was to engineer new points to support the dive attitude required by the museum. Working with Mike Rolfs of Pacific Engineering, Russ & Mark designed and fabricated new attachment points that would provide the necessary strength for a “dive hang” without compromising the integrity or appearance of the 6,000 lb. aircraft -guts removed. As the plane had to be flown over an existing floor exhibit, once engineered load tests were performed we employed chain hoists to lift and laterally move the plane and place it into the desired bank and attitude. Once approved, permanent rigging cables were installed and the hoists removed.

The 8,000lb UH-34D Helicopter was mounted in a 9 degree nose down position on steel stands built by Century. As overhead lifting was not possible due to a Jet display, we employed a 12,000 lb capacity tele-handler to lift the copter from its main rotor head with a second lift at the tail wheel to achieve final attitude on the stands.

iWeiss continues its relationship with Century Aviation later this year with the installation of an F/A-18A Hornet in a newly constructed section of the museum.

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