Show Curtains

Ah, summer time… the season of late sunsets, ice cream cones and making drapes for all the new shows coming to Broadway this fall.  It makes the shop very busy, but it’s also colorful.  Some red swags over here, a gold Austrian over there… blue velvet bed hangings off in the corner. It’s always fun in October to see the shop’s work live and in action, so to speak, and reflect back on our early involvement with a project. With our experience, both designers and technicians often reach out to us for ideas on how to creatively and efficiently turn their visions into reality. Recently we were included in two separate discussions – one for a recommendation on the best fabric to use as a flat projection surface for scenery that would be stored rolled up, and a second on the best way to construct some elaborate art deco masking curtains with a pleated look – that are great examples of our customers turning to iWeiss for solutions first and products second.