We always are happy to hear from our good friends at the Lincoln Center Theater and this time was no exception. Like many of us do, the LCT crew was spending lots of time in the theatre (specifically in the house and audience seating areas) during technical rehearsals & load-ins/load-outs. It is necessary to keep their house seats tidy and protected during times of heavy house traffic. Both parties were able to come up with an inexpensive solution to doing just that.

60” wide Mystique Satin is a lightweight and cost effective way to prevent damage to your seating. It is also durable and fire retardant. It comes in over 150 color options on 100 yard rolls which makes this inexpensive fabric a great option. This material is also good for Austrian Curtains and other decorative draperies where adding a large volume of fabric fullness is the visual key. It is also perfect for Kabuki Drops where a lightweight fluttering reveal may be required. iWeiss has fabricated many successful items for both these applications.

Another great quality of Mystique Satin is that its full rolls can ship via UPS since the roll dimensions are a mere 63” x 8” x 8” and weigh approximately 45lbs each.

Looking for a way to section off seating areas for a more intimate production, performance, or event?  Covering the seats for this purpose offers a nice visual appeal for your venue’s guests as well.

Seat Covers

Tamburlaine, Parts I and II at Theatre for a New Audience

Opening this weekend and running through December 21st – this is a MUST SEE!

Plot Description from the NY Times:
Last seen in New York sixty years ago, Michael Boyd, former artistic director of the Royal Shakespeare Company, stages both parts of the wildly popular play that launched Christopher Marlowe’s career in the late 1580s. Theatre for A New Audience veteran John Douglas Thompson stars as Tamburlaine, the unstoppable and ferocious low-born conqueror who humbles kings and emperors, sweeping methodically across vast territories while gathering ever more strength from his driving will, his boundless self-image, and his astonishing outpouring of stunning verse. Nineteen actors play sixty roles in this magisterial yet tightly conceived epic event that chronicles Tamburlaine’s rise from upstart Scythian shepherd to ruler of Persia (Part I), and then his strangely precipitous, grief-suffused fall (Part II). Shocking and awesome, repellent and fascinating in equal measure, Marlowe’s hero is disturbingly modern.

Check out the trailer here – All Vinyl Strip Curtains by iWeiss,  Blood was not included!


History, Restaged

The Theatre at the Ace Hotel (formally The United Artists Theatre) in Los Angeles was looking to update its rigging system in a very fast turn around.

Richard Parks, iWeiss VP, traveled to Los Angeles with our draftsman to do a survey and drafting on site. The old j bar guide system did not have standard spacing and there were other challenges including the installation of a new projection screen.  H & H Specialties, located in California worked with the iWeiss drawings to produce the equipment while the sewing shop back East produced all of the new soft goods for the theatre.

All in all, from contract to survey to manufacturing and installation of new counterweight equipment, projection screen and drapery, the project was completed in under 3 months.

The LA Register recently ran a great article about the recent changes in Los Angeles’ downtown Broadway Theater District

Check it out here:  LA Register Article



Marist College

iWeiss recently completed a renovation at Marist College in the Music Building and Student Center Renovations.

The Nelly Goletti Theatre received all new Drapery, including a New House Curtain  and Valance with a Full Stage Set of IFR Velour Masking.  The new Choir, Symphony  and Ensemble Rooms all required acoustic treatments that both provided function  and blended well into the architecture.

In the Choir Room we installed twelve AcoustaCorp Acouroll Banners. The  Symphony Room required floor to ceiling drapery to mask the large picture  windows. To accomplish this we installed four iWeiss ViaTravelers with an iWeiss control station along with Custom Fabricated IFR Drapery to complete the acoustic  properties. Ensemble room was outfitted with curtain tracks and IFR Drapery.

With beautiful architecture, our drapery, and all of the equipment, Marist College  now has a fully functioning Music Building and Student Center.

Theatrical Consultant: Fisher Dachs   Architect: Robert A.M. Stern

PicMonkey Collage

It’s Tony Season

PicMonkey Collage

Congratulations to all the Tony nominees for this season.  iWeiss is thrilled to be part of yet another dynamic line-up on Broadway.  In keeping with the maintenance for 11 productions currently running, our involvement in 13 new shows, and a few in pre-production – we have been quite busy!

One of the things that we enjoy about our work best is its variety.  Stage shows are all very different and each requires its own special attention to detail – maybe not the same special attention that some stage creatives require…but you get the idea!

Helping create the atmosphere off-stage can sometimes be just as tricky as the on-stage details, and we are always up for the challenge.  This year we were able to help create the house environment for two highly anticipated revivals, Les Miserables and Cabaret.  Both these productions requested that the scene shops be an important part of ensuring the audiences feel the mood right from the beginning.  Wondering why you were feeling a looming sense of dread upon entering the theatre?  Welcome to the production industry…I mean…the production.

While all productions don’t require splashy drapery, sometimes they just need some framing around the stage and proscenium to complete the world of the play.  A few of these instances are Mothers & Sons, The Velocity of Autumn, The Glass Menagerie, and If/Then.  Often times these pieces will also mask lighting instruments, off-stage spaces, and various rigging hardware.  If you didn’t notice these draperies, then the goal was achieved.

A few other productions needed something a bit more than masking and required some of the more standard items one sees in local theatres and schools.  Among them were printed scrims like the ones used in The Bridges of Madison County or the Choir Curtain in Violet.  These items add punctuation, help set the scene, and tell the story without stealing focus.

No matter how big or small the job, iWeiss is ready.  It may be something as tiny as a last minute masking skirt in After Midnight or as grand and shiny as the drapery in Bullets Over Broadway, Casa Valentina, and Aladdin.  Of course, some shows simply have it all – like my personal favorite this year, Beautiful: The Carole King Musical.

We’ve also had the opportunity to become part of the rapidly growing Off-Broadway market in recent years and had the pleasure of working on a dozen or so this last year.  This is just another reason to contact iWeiss for your production today – we can help you with your budget, limited space, and lend local support at your theatre!  Keep your art alive – we are your ally.  We are iWeiss.

Written by:  Chris Layton

Spotlight on one of the Top Ten Longest (and still) Running Show on Broadway


 iWeiss has had the pleasure of being involved with Mamma Mia beginning with its American premiere in San Francisco and its opening on Broadway 14 years ago.  After a complete renovation following the closing of long time running CATS, Mamma Mia – with iWeiss soft goods – opened at the Winter Garden Theatre in October, 2001 providing much relief from the tragedy of that September.

Since then, we have been involved in the Las Vegas, Mexican and American touring productions, the Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas and the show’s return to Las Vegas, this time at the Tropicana.

We look forward to many more exciting moves to come; we could never let you go!

Production Designer:  Mark Thompson

Associate Scenic Designer:  Nancy Thun

Scenic Shop:  Hudson Scenic Studios

Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia

For more of our work on this and other Broadway Shows check out our PORTFOLIO