We’re going back to school with you

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.        

While that may be true – it’s certainly easy enough for someone like Albert Einstein to say.

Back to school season is quickly approaching and you need some new inspiration – are we correct?  While it’s an exciting time for planning and new ideas, it can also be a stressful time for battling with budgets, politics, and red tape.  Keep in mind these simple reminders and iWeiss will help you get it down to a science!

B:  BUDGET.  It doesn’t have to be a scary word; we deal with budgets of all sizes and requests – and don’t be afraid to ask us for one.  Let us help you with your theatrical budget no matter how far in advance it may be; it is what we do.

A:  ARTS.  The arts are our number one priority and iWeiss is lucky to be working in the industry everyday.  We so often read and hear about arts programs being cut from education, but we almost never hear about the schools that are booming nor the students that are thriving within them.  We see great things happening in education and performance venues all over the country.  80% of our business comes from schools and education – don’t get discouraged!  iWeiss is there for you.

C:  CREATE.  The best ideas don’t always have to cost an arm and a leg – not even stage legs!  iWeiss has access to a variety of equipment and fabrics that can enhance your creativity.  We will help you to think outside the box and get what you need.

K:  KNOWLEDGE.  We all know that knowledge is power.  If you don’t know something – simply ask.  If we don’t know, then we will find the answer for you.  Everyone wins!


T:  TACKLE THAT TO-DO LIST.  Feel like you don’t know where to begin with a project or need to brainstorm?  Don’t push it further down the list; discuss it out loud.  We so often speak with customers who simply need to run through an idea or possibility over the phone with us.  Much of the time we can help focus your idea by bringing up a few small points.  Your ideas are never too complicated for us to consider.

O:  OBJECTIVE.  What is your program or production’s objective?  Is there a poetic or symbolic emotion or feeling that you are attempting to convey?  Even in the largest of productions we see unfinished ideas and mere starting points of what is to come; it is a collaborative art form.  Think you can’t just convey a “feeling” or “emotion” to us?  Think again.


S:  SAFETY.  Safety for your school’s students and staff is first and foremost.  It you see something in your space that does not look safe – you can almost guarantee that it is not.  iWeiss is certified in leading you to safety and can offer rigging inspections for record.  Finances should never override safety.

C:  CHALLENGE.  Challenges can be tough, but they can also be exciting to overcome.  If you have a challenge to solve – toss it our way!  If you find a solution – we would love to learn.  Many of our customers have forwarded their solutions from all over the country via Facebook, Instagram, and emailed photos. Allow us post them in order to help others…with your permission and credit, of course!

H:  HELP.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  We often get inquiries from student parents and friends whom are always willing to help out with their child’s arts program.  We love speaking to designers, instructors, and parents alike; you don’t have to do it all by yourself.

O:  OPEN.  Be open to new ideas.  Don’t be afraid to throw around any kind of idea with your colleagues, students, or iWeiss staff.  “Every new idea is an impossibility until it is born.”

O:  OPPORTUNITY.  iWeiss looks at every project, at any stage, as a great opportunity to both provide and to learn with a new customer.  We will always thank you for giving us the opportunity to price, discuss, and assist you in your space.

L:  LEAD.  Whatever you should decide is best for your theatre or arts program – just be the leader.  So much time is spent simply waiting for someone else to make the decision.  If you feel a gut decision is best, chances are it probably is.  You can even contact us to confirm it!

Written by our very own Chris Layton