A Creative Scrim Solution

A client came to iWeiss Theatrical Solutions with a concept for their production, but wasn’t quite sure how to execute it.  Their original concept was to make fabric panels, with a gingham design, that stretched over frames at least 5’ wide.  After some research it was concluded that gingham fabric widths would not extend that far, so I then asked how they intended on using the panels.  The client stated they were looking for the panels to be slightly translucent in order to aid in silhouetting and creating shadows during a “comedic chase” scene during the performance. 


Loving to think outside of the box, I suggested that they paint NFR Natural Sharkstooth Scrim with a gingham design.  As scrim comes in larger widths, creating multiple panels per width of material would also save on the required yardage. These panels could then be stretched over the frames and essentially travel on a track for the chase. 


The client loved this idea and has informed us that it has worked marvelously from both a technical and a comedic aspect.  The painted gingham design can be seen from lighting the front of the panel, while lighting the scrims from the rear allows an actor to be revealed at just the right time.  Check out the production if it’s traveling to a theatre near you. 


Got a concept you would like to brainstorm?