Stage Lift Control Replacement

We recently completed a full replacement of the Stage Lift control system at the Blizzard Theatre at Elgin Community College in Elgin, IL.

The college did not have a fully functioning stage lift system so they put out for bid a replacement to an antiquated system without having to change out the entire pit lift.

Working with our ViaController and our system integration, we were able to put in an updated motor control cabinet and a wall mounted control panel that will easily allow the trained staff to operate this original system with a push of a button.

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Spring is Previewing!

We are always excited about Spring!  The weather is fine and the new shows are opening.
It is great to see so many of the exciting new shows on Broadway and Off-Broadway.


Get out and see a show today!  


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Raising the Dauntless

iWeiss has completed another Airplane Rigging project with Century Aviation of East Wenatchee WA.

Project ManagIMG_7106er Russ Dusek worked with Century Aviation owner Mark Smith on the planning and engineering for the rigging of restored Sikorsky HRS-2 and UH-34D helicopters, along with a WW II SBD Dauntless hung – overhead in a dive attitude -for the expansion of the National Marine Corps Museum in Virginia.

For the Dauntless the factory installed lift points were designed for hoisting the aircraft onto a ship so the challenge here was to engineer new points to support the dive attitude required by the museum. Working with Mike Rolfs of Pacific Engineering, Russ & Mark designed and fabricated new attachment points that would provide the necessary strength for a “dive hang” without compromising the integrity or appearance of the 6,000 lb. aircraft -guts removed. As the plane had to be flown over an existing floor exhibit, once engineered load tests were performed we employed chain hoists to lift and laterally move the plane and place it into the desired bank and attitude. Once approved, permanent rigging cables were installed and the hoists removed.

The 8,000lb UH-34D Helicopter was mounted in a 9 degree nose down position on steel stands built by Century. As overhead lifting was not possible due to a Jet display, we employed a 12,000 lb capacity tele-handler to lift the copter from its main rotor head with a second lift at the tail wheel to achieve final attitude on the stands.

iWeiss continues its relationship with Century Aviation later this year with the installation of an F/A-18A Hornet in a newly constructed section of the museum.

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Fall Arts Tour

Deciding that you need a vacation?  Need to organize a getaway but simply can’t make a decision?  While iWeiss doesn’t offer vacation packages exactly – we have been in the travel industry for years!  We have been diligently working all summer long to bring you a large number of new shows and touring productions beginning this Fall.  Trust us to be your guide for your very own Fall Arts Tour 2015.

OCTOBER 2 – 9:  Beginning in the tri-state area your vacation starts now!  Dames At Sea, the Off-Broadway hit from 1969 is having is Broadway debut this year at the Helen Hayes.  Catch the Saturday matinee, hop on a quick train from Penn Station, and be over to Papermill Playhouse in time for an evening performance of The Bandstand: A Heroic Story of Love.  Have your leisurely Sunday morning and still be able to catch Trip of Love, an Off-Broadway show (with a Broadway budget) happening over at Stage 42 (formerly the Little Shubert Theatre).  The score promises to be a crowd-pleaser with recognizable tunes, flying scenery, and a colorful design palette – your own psychedelic trip into the 1960s.

OCTOBER 23 – 25:  If you were a big fan of Jessie Mueller in Beautiful: The Carole King Musical  take a quick trip down to the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington DC and see her sister, Abby Mueller, take on the same role in the touring production.  Plan on a Friday night or Saturday performance and still make it back in time to catch the second of two performances of Bullets Over Broadway at the State Theatre in New Brunswick, NJ.  You’ll even be home in time for your Sunday night TV show catch-up.

NOVEMBER 6 – 8:  Switch up the transportation a bit and take an inexpensive Megabus from New York to Boston.  This will give you an opportunity to visit before the season turns too cold, see the autumn leaves, and head to the Hanover Theatre in Worcester, MA to see Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas on tour.  Worcester is approximately an hour’s drive from Boston or just under 2hrs for a bus.

NOVEMBER 14 – 22:  It may be a full weekend but you are only a few days away from that Thanksgiving holiday!  Try to obtain a Friday evening performance of School of Rock (based on the Jack Black film of the same name) at the Winter Garden Theatre in Manhattan, Alvin and the Chipmunks is playing at the Kings Theatre in Brooklyn for two performances on Saturday, and Misery at the Broadhurst Theatre. The play is based on the best-selling Stephen King novel and Academy Award winning film.  It also stars Bruce Willis in his Broadway debut.  If you think you’d also like to get out of New York City a bit early for the holiday – head to the Benedum Center in Pittsburgh, PA for the award-winning and critically acclaimed A Gentlemen’s Guide to Love and Murder before they head to the west coast for the holiday season.

Should you be heading to the west coast, catch the 20th Anniversary Riverdance tour or, if you simply need some warmer weather, treat yourself to a cruise on the Disney Wonder (traveling down the California Coast or from Florida to the Caribbean), and/or visit the American Adventure pavilion at EPCOT in Lake Buena Vista Florida.

Remember to take photos of your trip and send them our way via Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter; we love to see what our friends and family are up to.  Enjoy the Fall and we will be back with a Spring review before you know it!

National News – Kings Theatre

This past Saturday NBC Nightly News did a story on the Kings Theatre Re-Opening. It was a brief story, but boy did it show the grandeur of the space. Find 2 minutes and 44 seconds to watch this clip, you will want to run out and buy tickets to see this space in person.

To read the full story on our work in this fantastic space please take a look at our Portfolio Page.

A Christmas Poem by Russ Dusek

‘Twas the night before Christmas and I work for iWeiss

the shop has fallen silent, not a drill, not a vice.

My quotes are all tucked in the folder with care,

in the hopes that purchase orders soon will be there;

I just spoke with David and my proposals are signed;

Now on to the contracts, who knows what he’ll find.

Jo sent me tracking ’cause she just shipped my stuff.

With luck it will get there, I hope they don’t treat it too rough.

Then just when I think I have my jobs under control,

My email blows up so I sit down to scroll.

The installers need guidance and I think I have a chance

but the dogs are barking now and I’m taking Hannah to dance.

Rich won’t respond to texts or to calls,

so I’ll have to call Shannon but she’s already running 17 install.

Turns out I need Paul with his knowledge of control,

because the rigging won’t go up and after all, that is the goal. 

So I send him some pictures and he emails me some code,

we program the console and like that, we’re back on the road.

I touch base with Jen ’cause she always calms me down,

her words of wisdom, always practical, I feel less like a clown.

Now I have to tell Misha that I screwed up a size,

I mixed up the drape, not the height but length wise.

I pick up the phone and lay the problem out with zest.

But I can tell by her tone, Misha’s not impressed.

I check in with Chris on some drapes that he’s priced,

He’s made some assumptions, hopefully the client’s enticed

Nicole’s quoting pipe girds, to who I don’t know

But the question I have is, where do these all go?

Jaclyn’s here now and we’ve had some good talks

I hope she drinks the iWeiss cool-aid before she’s had it, and walks.

Oh Lauren, my Lauren, you and I, we relate.

Please share with us your wisdom before your due date

Van needs Chicago’s payroll or no one gets paid.

And if I mess it up again, she’ll be throwin’ me some shade.

Angie, oh Angie it’s been one of those days.

Let’s get these bids out and hope for some praise.

Alex is back! His new role is PM.

I’m having trouble with the rhyme… did you know that smoking causes phlegm?

Now back to my family.  It’s Christmas after all.

I need down time from worrying about things that might fall.

Starting the New Year, I’ve got more motivation than ever,

but right now I’m exhausted from trying to be clever.

So that’s iWeiss before Christmas as told by this guy.

If I said I didn’t love it, I’d be telling a lie.

by:  Russ Dusek (Dr. Dusek to us)